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Exchange South Carolina for southern Spain and immerse yourself in the life of a city that was founded more than 1,000 years ago, connected Spain to the New World and gave birth to flamenco. With a population just north of 1 million, Seville is one of Spain´s largest cities but still avoids the overwhelming hustle and bustle of other capitals remaining surprisingly laid-back. It is a very safe city, and people often stroll through the streets or along the Guadalquivir River long into the night. There is a reason that so many poems and flamenco songs are dedicated to this city, and its many distinct neighborhoods: Seville is a beautiful place whose history sits next to a vibrant present-day culture.

In Seville you will learn from the perspective of its people. What you study in class will come to life as you explore your surroundings. Be moved by monuments and scenery that have inspired centuries of poets and painters as well as by the contemporary architecture that marks Seville’s entry into the 21st century. Let the charms of Seville inspire you to learn a language, eat the food, see the sights, and balance coursework with both unique and everyday activities that demonstrate how learning is far more than just a mental exercise: it is the very essence of life.

If you are a Spanish, LIH or LIT major and want to spend an entire semester abroad, Clemson’s International Spanish Program (Spring or Fall) will give you the opportunity to complete 15-18 credits while immersing yourself in the life and culture of a quintessential Spanish city.

We also offer you the chance to extend your learning beyond the walls of a classroom. For LIH or LIT students, this program will allow you to complete an internship and learn about the Spanish health care or business world from people with years of experience in the field. Spanish majors as well as students who do not need to complete an internship in order to meet their major requirements have the option to participate in our volunteer program, a unique opportunity to connect with Seville on a deeper level while serving and impacting the local community.

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Academic Programs

 Fall semester in Sevilla allows you to experience a variety of cultural events. You will arrive at the end of summer and leave at the beginning of winter. You will be able to visit the beach, go to professional soccer games and cultural festivals, and, finally,  see the city transformed for the holidays. Events like these will help you make once-in-a-lifetime memories during your semester abroad in Seville!View Programs
 Spring is a great time in Sevilla! As the weather gets warmer there is excitement and expectation in the air. Everyone is looking forward to two of the biggest events of the year, Semana Santa (Holy Week) and the Feria de Abril (April Fair). Studying in the spring gives you the opportunity to experience, firsthand, cultural events for which people travel from all over the world.
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This river, the Guadalquivir, which stretches almost 350 miles through Andalusia, was what made Sevilla a famous port city during Spain’s years as a colonial power. These days, it provides an arena for sightseeing cruises, rowing, and kayaking. Additionally, along the river banks you will find an array of parks (whether you want to sit or skateboard), cafés, and paved paths that are great for some cardio. Watching a sunset sprawl across the Guadalquivir is not a sight you will soon forget.

Student Life

All Clemson students participating in the International Spanish semester long programs will live in pairs with a Spanish host family.

  • Spanish host family:
    Your room and board, including meals and laundry, are taken care of by your hosts. Your family will only speak Spanish, which will help you polish your Spanish language abilities. Living with a Spanish family also allows you to learn about Spain and Sevilla from the personal experiences and perspectives of your hosts.

Activities and Trips

In addition to visiting different historic sites around the city, there will be several mandatory class trips during your time in Sevilla that will take you outside the city:


italica1Just 20 minutes outside of Sevilla, the Roman city of Itálica gave the Roman world two emperors: Trajan and Hadrian. These days, is an area of well-preserved Roman ruins, which include the remains of dwellings and a large amphitheater. Students will walk inside the amphitheater on the same ground where gladiator competitions took place while spectators looked on from above.


playa2There are several beautiful beaches along Spain’s southern coast that are a short drive away from Sevilla, and if the weather permits, we will spend an afternoon enjoying one of them.


cordoba-mezquitaStudents will take a day trip to the city of Córdoba, where they will visit the city’s Jewish quarter, which includes a synagogue from the 14th century, and the Mezquita-Catedral, a unique building whose beautiful architecture and complex history illustrate the multicultural history of Andalusia.


Alhambra-053We will take an overnight trip to visit this beautiful mountain city. Students will visit the city’s cathedral and Capilla Real, where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel are buried. There will also be a tour of La Alhambra, Spain’s most famous Moorish castle, and one of the most visited monuments in Spain.

Something Extra in 2017

In addition to the cultural visits above, we will also visit either an almazara (olive oil factory) or a bodega (winery) in order to highlight some of the other culturally and economically important industries in Andalusia.

Basilippo Olive Oil Factory: Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil by far and although Italy is a high exporter of olive oil, it is also a large importer. When you go into Trader Joe’s and buy a bottle of “Italian Olive Oil” under an Italian brand name, chances are it is Spanish olive oil that has been shipped to Italy, bottled there and shipped out under an Italian brand. Olive oil production is an ancient business but Basilippo is a relatively new manufacturer of olive oil and is family-owned.

Bodegas Góngora also represents an ancient industry, wine, and the current management represents the seventh generation running this family business. Although in operation for more than 300 years, more recently (in the last 70 years), they have opened retail catering outlets in Sevilla. The location you will visit is where they make wine and brandy as well as rent out the facility for weddings, christenings, first communions, and so on.
Bodegas Góngora

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“This trip was amazing! I’ve never had so much fun while learning so much”
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“A unique combination of classroom learning and hands on experience…this class is one that I will remember forever. I learned so much and had so much fun.”
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“One of the best experiences I’ve ever had…..Ricardo will make sure you get the best experience possible out of your trip. You will absolutely not regret deciding to go on this trip.”
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“This program was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my academic career. Not only did it make sense for my academic situation, but the experience I received was unlike anything I could have imagined”
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“It is an experience that I will never forget! Thank you Clemson and Ricardo!”
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“The best, most memorable experience of my life…..The city was incredibly beautiful, and the people were very friendly…..I could not talk about Spain without bringing up just how grateful I am to Ricardo for everything he did for us. Put simply, he made the trip.”
Sam Henke
“I’ve had a great five weeks in Sevilla! Thanks for everything!”
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