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Sevilla has been a thriving center of commerce for more than a thousand years. It sits in the heart of Spain’s olive country, the most productive in the entire world, and is a short drive from the sherry vineyards of Jerez. In recent years, with the construction of the Sevilla-San Pablo airport and the Cartuja 93 business complex, Sevilla has also become one of Spain’s most important sites for technological research and development.

Sevilla´s summer weather is hot and humid, but once the sun sets, those hot days turn into beautiful nights spent outside in a restaurant’s patio or one of Sevilla’s countless plazas.

Through a series of lectures, you will hear about the nuances of Spanish companies and the perspectives and advice from successful business owners in Sevilla. There will be a trip to Madrid and Toledo as well as visits to other historic landmarks like medieval castles and Roman ruins around Sevilla. Outside of the classroom you live with a host family and learn from them about the perspectives and language of the Spanish people.

Spend this summer immersed in Spanish culture, enjoy a unique mix of language and professional study, and make some incredible memories!

Academic Information

During your five weeks in Sevilla, you will take 1 Spanish language course and 2 business courses, for a total of 9 credits that will transfer without any problems. The Spanish language courses are FLS 201: Intermediate Spanish for Business and FLS 202: Intermediate Spanish II. Business course offerings tentatively include BUS 360: Marketing Methods and M298: Doing Business in Spain. While the other courses are conducted in the typical manner, M298 will be a unique series of lectures about Spanish culture and business presented by a mix of professors and successful business leaders from Andalusia.

This summer, you can study first-hand the commercial and marketing practices of businesses that have been active and profitable for centuries!

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The Catedral de Santa María de la Sede de Sevilla, or “Catedral de Sevilla,” is the largest cathedral in the world. Its towering gothic dimensions contain 8 centuries worth of religious art and objects whose variety and beauty is almost overwhelming. Also, a visit to the top of the famous Giralda bell tower provides an unforgettable panoramic view of Sevilla

Student Life

Each participant in the Sevilla program is paired with another student and hosted by a Spanish family. Your room and board, including meals and laundry, are taken care of by your hosts. They will only speak Spanish in the home, which provides you with a comfortable and low-stress environment in which you can polish your Spanish conversation skills. Living with a Spanish family also allows you to learn about Spain and Sevilla from their unique personal experiences and perspectives. Be sure to discuss restaurants and local events so that you can get the most out of your time in the city!

Activities and Trips

During your five weeks in Sevilla, you will visit monuments and sites that highlight different facets of Andalusia and its history.

Guided tours through Sevilla

Sevilla has been one of Spain’s most important cities for centuries, and it has the buildings and statues to prove it! A guide will lead you through visits to the city’s most important historical sites, such as the cathedral de Santa María (the largest cathedral in the world), the Real Alcázar (a beautiful royal palace dating back to the 13th century), and the Jewish quarter (the center of the city’s Jewish population during the Middle Ages).



Just 20 minutes outside of Sevilla, the Roman city of Itálica gave the Roman world two emperors: Trajan and Hadrian. These days, is an area of well-preserved Roman ruins, which include the remains of dwellings and a large amphitheater. Students will walk inside the amphitheater on the same ground where gladiator competitions took place while spectators looked on from above.



There are several beautiful beaches along Spain’s southern coast that are a short drive away from Sevilla, and if the weather permits, we will spend an afternoon enjoying one of them.



Students will take a day trip to the city of Córdoba, where they will visit the city’s Jewish quarter, which includes a synagogue from the 14th century, and the Mezquita-Catedral, a unique building whose beautiful architecture and complex history illustrate the multicultural history of Andalusia.



We will take an overnight trip to visit this beautiful mountain city. Students will visit the city’s cathedral and Capilla Real, where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel are buried. There will also be a tour of La Alhambra, Spain’s most famous Moorish castle, and one of the most visited monuments in Spain.

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Madrid and Toledo

Students will take a long weekend in order to visit the cities of Toledo and Madrid. In Toledo, students will some of the most exquisite art done by famous 16th-century painter, and long-time Toledo resident, El Greco. In Madrid, they will visit the country’s stock market as well as famous historic sites like the world-famous Prado Museum and the incredible Spanish royal palace


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