Welcome to University of Toronto-Summer in Sevilla 2018

Seville (Sevilla) is the capital city of Andalusia, one of the most visited, colorful, an historically significant regions of Spain. Seville is perhaps best known for being one of the most important Moorish kingdoms of the Middle Ages and the center of trade with the New World during the colonial era. In addition, many of the typically “Spanish” cultural phenomena that attract tourists (flamenco, bullfighting, tapas and olive orchards) are identified with this southern city. With over one million inhabitants, the capital city has a lot to offer, without feeling congested or overwhelming like many large cities.

Courses are taught at EUSA (Estudios Universitarios y Superiores de Andalucía), affiliated with the University of Seville since 1996. EUSA is a private school in Nervión, a fashionable neighborhood just a short walk away from historical monuments, parks, shopping centers and a major soccer stadium. In addition to a convenient wi-fi network to which students can connect their personal computers and smartphones, EUSA provides a modern computer lab with wired Internet access and printing facilities. There is also an in-house library, a cafeteria on site, sports facilities, and daily interaction with Spanish students.

University of Toronto-Summer in Sevilla 2018 Course Offerings

All courses offered in Seville are UR courses and will transfer with the regular A-F grade scale. Students may earn up to 2 units.

SPA255Y0 Topics in Hispanic Cultures

This course will explore the diverse cultures and the interrelationship between Latin America and Spain over five centuries (from 1492 to present). The course will also study how Seville served as the cultural axis between the New World and Europe for centuries. The course is taught in English and is open to students from other disciplines.

Instructor: Dr. Natalia Couste completed her doctoral studies at The University of Toronto, where she worked as a course instructor. She has done extensive research on urban spaces and participated in numerous symposiums in Canada and Spain. Based on a transatlantic perspective she carried a comparative study between contemporary Mexico City, Santiago de Chile and the Golden Age urban spaces of Madrid and Seville. She earned her Master’s Degree at the University of Western Ontario specializing in Southern Cone literature. She’s currently the acting coordinator for the Canada-Spain Summer Abroad Program. Her professional interests include international education and the development of innovative cultural programs for international students and scholars.

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SPAN100Y0 Spanish for Beginners

An intensive introductory course designed to present the fundamentals necessary for understanding, speaking, reading and writing Spanish and to provide a range of opportunities for students to gain practical insights into the customs and cultural contexts of the contemporary Spanish-speaking world.

Instructor: Irene Ramos-Arbolí was born in Sevilla, Spain. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature (Filología Inglesa) from the Universidad de Sevilla, an MA in Spanish from Ohio University and an MA in Hispanic Linguistics from North Carolina State University. She has recently started a Ph.D. in the field of Linguistics and Bilingualism from the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla). Irene has been teaching Spanish to non-native learners since 2010. She has taught Spanish in the United States at Metro Early College High School, Ohio University, North Carolina State University and Ohio State University. At CINECU, she is currently teaching Health and the Hispanic Community.

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FAH390Y0 Studies Abroad in Spanish Art and Architecture 

This course will explore facets of Spain’s rich artistic tradition by placing a special emphasis on Seville’s very own unique and extensive art history. In this course, we will survey artistic trends and developments across twenty centuries in Seville, beginning with the Roman ruins of Itálica and ending with architect Santiago Calatrava’s contemporary Alamillo Bridge. Seville’s varied artistic history will allow us to examine Roman monuments, Islamic palaces, and Gothic cathedrals.

Instructor: Eric Davis was born in Laramie, Wyoming and raised in Lawrence, Kansas. He has a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Kansas and a Master´s degree in Art from the University of Seville (la Facultad de bellas Artes de Sevilla). He is currently doing his doctorate in that same Seville University. He has worked as an artist painting in Seville since 1992 and has taught Art and art History to international students in several university programs in Seville. He has also worked as a tour guide in Spain and in Africa for the past five years.

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Calendars and Schedules

University of Toronto-Summer in Sevilla 2018

  • Sunday, 1 July Arrival in Seville
    • TBA Meeting and Group Dinner
  • Monday, 2 July Orientation meeting
    • Time TBA at Residence Estanislao del Campo. 
      • Residence Rules and Regulations, Academic Info.
    • Time TBA at EUSA in the Salón de Actos (First Floor).
      • Safety, Security, Practical Info.
  • Tuesday, 3 July First day of classes at EUSA
  • Wednesday, 1 August Final exam during regular class hours and Goodbye Dinner
  • Friday, 3 August Students depart

Class Schedule |

    • SPA100Y0 – Spanish Language
    • SPA255Y0 – Topics in Hispanic Cultures
    • FINAL EXAM:   To be determined. 


Cultural visits:
The following is a tentative list of the the field study and cultural visits for the program. They are subject to change. The dates and times will be added once they are confirmed.

  •  Antiquarium and Setas de la Encarnación. Meet at CINECU regular class hours. *
  •  Flamenco Show.
  • Visit to Cathedral of Seville
  • Trip to the beach. Meet at the front door Residence Hall.
  • Torre del Oro.
  • Royal Palace of Seville (Reales Alcázares de Sevilla)
  • Pabellón de la Navegación.
  • Museo de Bellas Artes.
  • Basilippo, Olive Oil Factory.
  •  Trip to Córdoba and Granada. Meet at the front door Residence Hall.

Class Schedule |

    • FAH390Y0 – Spanish Art and Architecture
    • FINAL EXAM: To be determined. 


Cultural visits:
The following is a tentative list of the the field study and cultural visits for the program. They are subject to change. The dates and times will be added once they are confirmed.

  • Flamenco Show.
  • Visit to the Archaelogy Museum (Museo Arquelógico).
  • Antiquarium and Setas de la Encarnación.
  • Trip to the beach. Meet at the front door Residence Hall.
  • Royal Palace of Seville (Reales Alcázares de Sevilla).
  • Visit to Cathedral of Seville.
  • Visit to Hospital de la Caridad.
  • Visit to Museum of Fine Arts (Museo de Bellas Artes).
  • Visit to Center of Contemporary Art (CAAC).
  • Basilippo, Olive Oil Factory. Meet at residence hall.
  • Trip to Córdoba and Granada. Meet at the front door Residence Hall.