As the world’s economies and governments become more connected through modern technology and industry, it has become more important than ever for students to be acquainted with cultures outside their own. In this climate, majors like Global Studies and International Relations are very popular in colleges and universities all over the US, and the study of business increasingly requires and rewards an international perspective. You should not enter the world of international business without any prior experience. Allow CINECU to help you balance your classroom learning with on-site job experience as an intern in Sevilla.

Program description

As the capital city of Andalusia, Sevilla is connected to some of the country’s most important industries. The city attracts both national and international businesses with many opportunities for our interns, and CINECU is in a unique position to find these positions.

Since its founding in 1996, CINECU has been an active program on the EUSA campus. One of its on-campus partner programs is the academic branch of the Cámara de Comercio de Sevilla (Sevilla’s Chamber of Commerce), a board of directors that supports and promotes growth of the businesses in Andalusia. Through its close relationship with EUSA and Sevilla’s Chamber of Commerce, CINECU can connect students with hundreds of placement opportunities throughout the region. Let CINECU help prepare you for a career in the professional world by placing you in one of these internships.

Information and Application

  • Duration: Six weeks / 20-25 hours of internship work per week
  • Requirements: Sophomore standing and minimum GPA of 2.75 in the major
  • Placement: Businesses and institutions based in Sevilla in the fields of communications, politics, finance, journalism, publishing, media, arts, architecture, engineering, fashion, sports, legal, hospitality, non-profit, governmental, scientific, healthcare, educational, and academic institutions.
  • Housing: Homestay with Spanish host family
  • Number of Students Accepted: 5-10
  • Academic Credit: Arranged by each participant with home institution
  • “Tentative Program Dates for 2018”
    • May 17: Arrival and welcome dinner
    • May 18: Moving to host families or residence hall & orientation program
    • May 21–June 28: Internship
    • June 27: Goodbye dinner
    • June 29: Departure
The 2018 program fee will be 4,500 euros per student, which includes:

  • Internship placement and supervision
  • Orientation and internship prep workshop
  • Weekly follow-up meetings with internship coordinator
  • All trips and cultural excursions
  • Welcome and goodbye dinners
  • Tickets to a flamenco show in Seville
  • Full room and board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in Spanish host families
  • Health insurance for the duration of the program
  • Local transportation to and from internship sites
The cost does not include:

  • Airfare to and from Seville
  • Personal expenses

  • February 29th: 300 euros non-refundable deposit due.
  • March 31st: First program payment of 2.100 euros due.
  • April 15: Final program payment of 2.100 euros due.
If you wish to pay using PayPal, participant will assume the additional costs and/or fees.
The application deadline is February 29th, 2018.
Finalists will be selected and contacted by March 15th to set up a Skype interview.
Accepted students will be notified by March 31st.

  • A complete application must include:
    • 300 application fee (non-refundable)
    • General application form
    • Internship profile form
    • Academic recommendation form
    • General recommendation form
    • Language recommendation form
    • Housing questionnaire form
    • Cover letter stating your objective in doing the Sevilla internship.
    • An electronic version of your resume.
    • A scanned copy of passport information page.
The following is a list of possible companies and organizations where our students could do their internships.

  • Isotrol: Isotrol is a provider of solutions in the field of new Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), serving the Renewable Energy, Utilities, Industry and Service sectors, as well as the Public Administration.
  • Inerco: Inerco understands the factors facing the industrial sector today, and boasts the experience and technical capacity to offer comprehensive solutions adapted to meet the real needs of each client in the fields of EngineeringIndustrial Processes, the Environment, Security and Prevention.
  • Refractarios Alfran: Alfran offers turnkey refractory services for the vast majority of industrial applications. The services which Alfran offers include Solution Design and Engineering, Cleaning and Demolition, the Welding of Anchors & Brackets, the installation of all kinds of refractory materials, the drying of monolithic linings, the supervision of all work, and Post-sale Service.
  • Cunext Cooper: Cunext Copper Industries is an Andalusian company dedicated to the transformation of high quality copper. Its mission is clear: to continue to innovate processes and products in order to continue to offer the copper of the future.
  • Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies:  This drive of the Andalusian regional government works to develop the results from three of its research programs and translate them into new therapies. An internship here would focus on your research, writing, editing, and communication skills. Since this is a medical program, with a continual incoming stream of information about studies and therapy ideas, it must constantly communicate with potential partners and sources of funding. Therefore, working with the Initiative would likely involve grant writing and maintaining relations with other institutions in the United States and all over Europe.  These tasks require the ability to synthesize information, communicate it concisely, and present it well to a variety of audiences. It will also require the ability to manage several tasks at once, and potentially working under hard deadlines.
  • Spanish Basketball Federation: The Spanish Basketball Federation (Federación Española de Baloncesto, FEB) is the national governing body of basketball in Spain. It is a member of the continental association FIBA Europe and the global International Basketball Federation (FIBA). The organization is responsible for the Spanish national basketball team (men’s), women’s and youth national basketball teams, and also for all the men and women’s national leagues, except the Liga ACB. the FEB is mostly looking for bilingual interns so your Spanish fluency is key to be able to work with them.
  • Barenboim- Said Foundation:  The inspiration for the Barenboim-Said Foundation came to life in August 2003 during the fifth edition of the West-Eastern Divan Workshop. After two years of work in Andalusia, Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said accepted a proposal by the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Government) to launch a broad-reaching project that would be financed by the Junta and would serve to promote intercultural conciliation. One of the principles inspiring the new Foundation is that music cannot be isolated from society. Based on this premise, the main objective of the Barenboim-Said Foundation is to integrate music into the fabric of society.
  • Three Cultures Foundation: In 1998 the Kingdom of Morocco and the Junta de Andalucía (regional government) decided to found a forum which, based on the principles of peace, dialogue, and tolerance, would promote ties and understanding between the peoples and cultures of the Mediterranean. This initiative was subsequently backed by the Peres Center for Peace, the Palestinian National Authority, and other Israeli institutions committed to dialogue and peace. On 8 March 1999 the “Three Cultures Foundation” was constituted in Seville. The Foundation’s unique characteristics have made it a model advancing tolerance and progress, as few organizations of its type in the world boast such a representative and balanced representation in terms of its members. The Foundation is noteworthy for its commitment and outreach to the coastal nations of the Mediterranean.
  • Alów: Alów is a low cost mobile phone service provider focused on the communication needs of foreign communities who study, work, or are retired or traveling in Spain. It is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which can offer the best coverage nationally and all over the world thanks to its collaboration with Orange. It also has lower infrastructure costs. Thus, with Alów one can browse the web and call abroad or locally at much lower prices.
  • Abengoa: Abengoa (MCE: ABG.B/P SM /NASDAQ: ABGB) applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating electricity from renewable resources, converting biomass into biofuels and producing drinking water from seawater.
  • Code Abogados: They are one of Andalusia’s notable young law offices, and their services cover well-established areas of the law while also searching for innovative approaches to areas that are currently changing and developing.  Interns at Code usually work with one of the partners who´s mainly interested in evolving areas of the law such as telecommunication, IT, social media, and intellectual property.  Your research skills would be put to good use on assignments connected to these constantly-shifting fields.
  • Polygroup España: Company dedicated to the production of high-quality floors.
  • GlampingHub.com: International Travel Startup Company. Open the door to a new world of unique outdoor accommodations. Here you can find and connect with original and utterly breathtaking spaces with lavish services and amenities in some of the most beautiful landscapes this planet has to offer. From the US, to Africa, to Europe, to Asia, and beyond… let Glamping Hub take you on a journey. You will soon see camping in a new light and appreciate the sensory experiences that a bit of luxury in the open air can provide.
  • Casas y Palacios Hotels: The hotels found in Seville and Córdoba known as the Casas de la Judería (Houses of the Jewish Quarter), located right in the cities’ historically Jewish districts, are different, unique, romantic, original… truly charming locations. With their fine Andalusian art and decor, staying at one of them is one of the greatest delights a traveller can enjoy. Not to mention the cuisine. At Emporion (Seville) and Los Marqueses (Córdoba) patrons can savor the mixture of the most traditional Andalusian dishes and flavors, prepared with the region’s finest local products and ingredients.
  • Calzado Maripaz: Footwear company.
  • Ingemont: High-value technological solutions drawing upon process reengineering systems and maintenance engineering.
  • Motorhispania: Motorhispania carries out the entire process involved in the manufacture of mopeds and motorcycles, from the design of new models to their development and production, including painting, the production of chassis and other metal parts, assembly and packing, through final dispatch to our network of dealers.
  • Torsesa: Industrial supplies. Supplying industrial and commercial entities, public institutions, and a range of companies (telecommunications, aeronautical, mining, etc.)
  • Bio-Dis España: Laboratorios BIO-DIS is a company with almost 20 years of experience in the Biotechnology sector. It is dedicated to the manufacture, distribution, marketing and export of natural products, and to vitamins, minerals, food supplements, and sports nutrition.
  • Solutia: Solutia is a company in the new technologies sector: Systems Management and Administration, Systems Consulting and Auditing, Process Optimization, Network Telecommunications and Infrastructure, Connectivity, Security, Hardware, Software, Maintenance and Tech Support, the Distribution of Industrial Computer Equipment.
  • OM Suscripción de Riesgos: A risk underwriting agency distributing the products of the Millennium Insurance Company, Ltd. in Spain.
  • Macpuarsa: A company dedicated to the construction and maintenance of elevators, distributing in more than 80 countries.
  • Magtel: Work in the fields of technological design, construction, and industrial installation and maintenance in three major sectors in an advanced society: The Environment, Telecommunications and Energy.
  • Global Track Solutions: Management and Consultancy in the field of globalization / corporate internationalization.
  • American Leadership: A company dedicated to the development of leadership to improve the global competitiveness of individuals and organizations, coordinating culture and strategy to produce results. The development of interdependent links between Europe and the Americas, improving mutual understanding and business and institutional relationships.
  • Events & Co: Incentive Trips, Conventions and Events.
  • SangrespañolaSangrespañola is a small clothing retailer that generates its own lines of fashion products. Driven by the philosophy that fashion should come from and reflect the relationship we have with our surroundings, each item is designed and created in-house entirely by hand using traditional artesian techniques and materials from Andalucía. Not only does this employ local Spanish artisans, but creates an end product that is unlike anything that can be purchased outside of Seville. The company name, a melding of the phrase “Spanish blood” reflects the local nature of its products created using techniques passed from generation to generation. Sangrespañola has been around for more than 10 years and currently operates two stores in the historic center of Seville. 
  • Real Club de Tenis BetisThis club attracts some of Spain’s best tennis players. Its members have won over 50 tennis championship titles, making it one of Andalucia’s most well regarded training centers for players looking to up their game. The club also hosts the annual “Copa Sevilla Challenger,” a tennis championship that continues to draw talented athletes every year. Not only does the club feature a prominent tennis school, but it also offers other athletic activities including pilates and yoga. Business interns interested in the world of sports can boost their skills in the world of digital marketing, sales, and bilingual website design as they seek to help the club serve current members and gain new ones.  
  • Club Naútico de SevillaOne of Seville’s most renowned country clubs, Club Naútico offers members a wide array of athletic activities and social events. Members can go sailing, kayaking, rowing, and more on the beautiful Guadalquivir River. The club seeks to be a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can socialize and interact over a love of nautical sports. You can help make activities accessible for all by creating bilingual activities for club members. There are also exciting opportunities to get creative with the promotion of sporting events through digital marketing and bilingual website design!

The Metropol Parasol de la Encarnación, known popularly as “the mushrooms” because of its unusual avant-garde design, is a vivid departure from the historic architecture that characterizes Sevilla’s city center. The building itself houses a museum, an archaeological site, restaurants, and its higher floors provide a panoramic view of Sevilla. Additionally, numerous small markets and vendors sit under the shadow of Las Setas.

Student Life

You can choose to live with a Spanish host family or in a residence hall with other students.
Spanish host family:
Your room and board, including meals and laundry, are taken care of by your hosts. Your family will only speak Spanish, which will help you polish your Spanish language abilities. Living with a Spanish family also allows you to learn about Spain and Sevilla from the personal experiences and perspectives of your hosts.

Estanislao del Campo student residence hall.
You will live in the modern Estanislao del Campo student residence hall. Estanislao del Campo houses students both international and Spanish students, so you will have the unforgettable experience of living in a uniquely multicultural environment. Each student will live in a single room (bachelor style) apartment that will be cleaned every day and includes a private kitchen, A/C, TV, and in-suite bathroom. In-room internet access can be purchased for a small fee.


Activities and Trips

During your six weeks in Seville, you can choose to participate in the following site visits and trips that highlight different facets of Andalusia and its history.

Guided tours through Sevilla

Sevilla has been one of Spain’s most important cities for centuries, and it has the buildings and statues to prove it! A guide will lead you through visits to the city’s most important historical sites, such as the cathedral de Santa María (the largest cathedral in the world), the Real Alcázar (a beautiful royal palace dating back to the 13th century), and the Jewish quarter (the center of the city’s Jewish population during the Middle Ages).



Just 20 minutes outside of Sevilla, the Roman city of Itálica gave the Roman world two emperors: Trajan and Hadrian. These days, it is an area of well-preserved Roman ruins, which include the remains of dwellings and a large amphitheater. Students will walk inside the amphitheater on the same ground where gladiator competitions took place while spectators looked on from above.



There are several beautiful beaches along Spain’s southern coast that are a short drive away from Sevilla, and if the weather permits, we will spend an afternoon enjoying one of them.



Students will take a day trip to the city of Córdoba, where they will visit the city’s Jewish quarter, which includes a synagogue from the 14th century, and the Mezquita-Catedral, a unique building whose beautiful architecture and complex history illustrate the multicultural history of Andalusia.



We will take an overnight trip to visit this beautiful mountain city. Students will visit the city’s cathedral and Capilla Real, where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel are buried. There will also be a tour of La Alhambra, Spain’s most famous Moorish castle, and one of the most visited monuments in Spain.

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