Introduction to the CINECU blog

Introduction to the CINECU blog

During the past year, the staff at CINECU (Centro Internacional de Estudios Culturales) has been working to update and increase our online presence. We have done a major overhaul of our program’s website and created a Facebook page, in addition to beginning this blog. Our general goal with these different media outlets is to communicate about the opportunities that our academic programs in Seville offer, as well as to maintain a connection with current and former students in our program.

In particular the goal of this blog is to provide a platform for speaking about experiences that students have during their time in Seville with CINECU and topics relevant to those experiences. Studying abroad can be important and life-changing but, like many important events in life, taking that first step forward can be intimidating. Many of our students receive their passports only shortly before coming to Seville which, consequently, is their first trip outside of the United States. We hope that this blog will allow anyone considering time abroad to see how their peers overcome the challenges that come with studying abroad, as well as how they explore new places, try new foods, meet new people, and all the other fun moments that arise while studying in Seville. Both students and staff members will contribute and, for now at least, all entries will be written in English. Hopefully this new year will allow us to present a new perspective on the international student’s experience in Seville, so please stay tuned.

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