Academic Information for NC State Marketing & Spanish Language in Sevilla

Program Overview

With Sevilla as their month-long base, students explore the Spanish language, culture, and European marketing practices through visits to numerous cultural and unique business sites. Enjoy tastings at an olive grove, a famous vineyard, and other Spanish businesses, an overnight excursion to Córdoba and Granada, a day trip to the beach, and visits to various museums and historical sites.

NC State in Spain Course Offerings

Students choose 1 language course and take both Business courses for a total of 9 credits.

BUS 360: Marketing Methods

Credits: 3
Pre-requisite: MIE 201 and software proficiency

M298: Doing Business in Spain

Credits: 3

FLS 201: Intermediate Spanish for Business

Credits: 3
Pre-requisite: FLS 102, 105, or 110, or a language proficiency placement score of at least 346.

FLS 202: Intermediate Spanish II

Credits: 3

Calendars and Schedules

NC State – Summer in Spain 2018 Calendar


Thursday, May 17 Arrive in Seville
Friday, May 18 Move to homestay and orientation
Monday, May 21 First day of classes
Thursday-Friday, May 31-June 1 Corpus Christi and puente
Monday-Tuesday, June 18-19 Final exams
Tuesday, June 19 Students depart for Barcelona

NC State Summer in Spain 2018 – Programa de Orientación


Thursday, May 17 Arrive in Seville: Hotel Alcázar

  • Calle Menéndez y Pelayo no. 10
  • Tel. 954 41 20 11
20:00: Welcome Meeting and Dinner
Friday, May 18 10:00: Meet Spanish families
17:00-19:00: Orientation Meeting (EUSA)

  • Safety, Housing, Medical Insurance
Satuday, May 19 11:00: Walking Tour of Sevilla
Sunday, May 20 09:30: Trip to the beach
Monday, May 21 First day of classes

Map of Sevilla


         Monday, May 21nd to Thursday, June 15th

Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday.

BUS360: Marketing Methods 09:00-11:05 Aula 34
FLS201: Intermediate Spanish I 11:15-13:20 Aula 34
FLS202: Intermediate Spanish II 11:15-12:30 Aula 43B
M298: Doing Business in Spain May 21, 16:00-17:00 Salón de Actos




Thursday, May 24 19:00-21:00 Almazara Basilippo
Tuesday, May 29 16:00-17:00 City Sightseeing
Tuesday, June 5 19:00-21:00 Glamping Hub
Thursday, June 7 19:30-21:00 Bodegas Góngora
Monday, June 11 16:00-18:00 Hotel Barceló Renacimiento



The following visits are obligatory for all students:

Saturday, May 20 Trip to the beach Depart at 09:30
Tuesday, May 22 Visit to Catedral de Sevilla Visit at 15:00
Friday-Sunday, May 25-27 Trip to Córdoba and Granada Depart at 08:30
Monday, May 28 Visit to Reales Alcázares de Sevilla Visit at 17:00



Monday, June 18 09:00-11:05 BUS 360: Marketing Methods
Tuesday, June 19 08:30-10:35 FLS 201 and FLS 202