Welcome to Richmond Academics and Athletics in Spain

Program Overview

Sevilla is the capital city of Andalucía, one of the most visited, culturally vibrant and historically significant regions of Spain. Sevilla is perhaps best known for being one of the most important Moorish kingdoms of the Middle Ages and the center of trade with the New World during the colonial era. In addition, many of the typically “Spanish” cultural phenomena that attract tourists (flamenco, bullfighting, tapas and olive orchards) are identified with this Southern city. With over one million inhabitants, the capital city has a lot to offer, without feeling congested or overwhelming like many large cities.

Academics at EUSA

Courses are taught at EUSA (Estudios Universitarios y Superiores de Andalucía), affiliated with the University of Sevilla since 1996. EUSA is a private school in Nervión, a fashionable neighborhood just a short walk away from historical monuments, parks, shopping centers and a major soccer stadium. In addition to a convenient wi-fi network to which students can connect their personal computers and smartphones, EUSA provides a modern computer lab with wired Internet access and printing facilities. There is also an in-house library, a cafeteria on site, sports facilities, and daily interaction with Spanish students.

Training Facilities at SADUS Gym

While coursework is a priority for all students coming to Sevilla, for student athletes, access to excellent training facilities and remaining physically active are top concerns. Here in Sevilla, Univ. of Richmond student athletes will grow academically without neglecting their respective sports by maintaining their training regimens at SADUS Gym, a state of the art workout facility associated with the University of Sevilla.

There are two different campuses associated with SADUS: Los Bermejales and Pirotecnia. The latter is closer to EUSA, but Spider athletes have access to both. The facilities feature swimming pools, outdoor training fields, tennis courts, professional fields for field hockey, indoor cycling facilities, a dedicated space for circuit training and bodyweight workouts as well as weightlifting equipment and much more.  No matter the sport, Richmond student athletes will have exactly what they need to stay on top of their game.

Richmond Academics and Athletics in Spain Course Offerings

All courses offered in Sevilla are UR courses and will transfer with the regular A-F grade scale. Students may earn up to 2 units.

  • LAIS 221:
    Intensive Intermediate Spanish (2 units)
  • Prerequisites
    LAIS 121, or LAIS 151, or permission by Program Director.

Calendars and Schedules

Richmond Academics and Athletics in Spain 2018 -Calendar

  • Thursday, 17 May Arrive in Seville
  • Friday, 18 May Move to Homestay and Orientation meeting
  • Monday, 21 May First day of classes and training
  • Thursday, 31 May Corpus Christi – holiday
  • Friday, 22 June Final Exam
  • Saturday, 23 June End of Program-Students leave Seville

Richmond Academics and Athletics in Spain 2018

Programa de Orientación

Thursday, May 17th

  • Arrive in Seville. Hotel Alcazar, Calle Menéndez y Pelayo, nº 10. Teléfono: 954 41 20 11
  • 20:00 Welcome Meeting and Dinner (Place TBA)

Friday, May 18th

  • 10:00 Meet Spanish families
  • 17:00 Meetings at EUSA (Safety, Housing, Medical Insurance)

Monday, May 21st

  • First day of classes and training


21 de mayo – 22 de junio

El horario de las clases es de lunes a viernes.

  • 15:30-19:30    LAIS 221          Intensive Intermediate Spanish        AULA 34

Las siguientes visitas son obligatorias para todos los alumnos.

  • Sábado, 19 de mayo Metropol Parasol (11:00 de la mañana)
  • Viernes, 25 de mayo Catedral de Sevilla (15:00 de la tarde)
  • Martes, 5 de junio Reales Alcázares de Sevilla (15:30 de la tarde)
  • Sábado, 9 de junio Itálica y Playa (salida a las 09:00 de la mañana)
  • Sábado-lunes, 16-18 de junio Viaje Córdoba y Granada (salida a las 08:30 de la mañana)