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A unique opportunity to connect with Seville on a deeper level and impacting the local community

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History and Philosophy

of the Program

Our community-based learning program was born out of a desire to see students leave Seville feeling as though they had truly connected with the local community. While our students already had ample opportunities to interact with Spaniards on a daily basis, we knew that we could provide them with an even more meaningful experience that would impact them for years to come.

to make them

feel like

a part of our community

CINECU professor and housing director Ángeles Lamprea wanted to combine her passion for teaching study abroad students with her love for her hometown of Seville. She soon realized that service learning was the answer and enthusiastically became our community-based learning director, a role she has been passionate about ever since.

Through this program, you can extend your learning beyond the classroom and bolster the local community, all while having fun. Improve your Spanish and build relationships as you help meet real needs of local people in elementary schools, retirement homes, and other establishments throughout Seville.

Ángeles Lamprea

CINECU professor and housing director
Current Volunteer Sites

Students are able to volunteer at one of these sites around Seville:

Hermandad de San Bernardo

Sevilla has a variety of hermandades—religious brotherhoods with origins dating back to medieval times. These brotherhoods serve their local communities in a variety of ways. While volunteering at the Brotherhood of San Bernardo, you will participate in a language exchange program with children, youth, and adults eager to learn English. You will get to practice your Spanish and form friendships as well as experience what it is like to be a part of a local hermandad.

Escuelas Salesianas María Auxiliadora

This is a smaller private elementary school where you will also work with students in the classroom.

Colegio Claret

Colegio Claret is a large, prestigious private school in Seville with classes ranging from the elementary to high school level. Here you will help teachers in the classroom by tutoring students in small groups. The experience will be as fun for you as it is for the students!

Residencia para mayores SARquavitae Santa Justa

This retirement home works to create a positive and caring environment for its residents. Our students play a large role in helping residents feel cared for and appreciated. As a volunteer here, you will brighten someone’s day simply by sitting and talking with them as you get to know Spain through the eyes of someone who has lived through some of the country’s most turbulent historical periods.