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The UNC in Sevilla program has a long history of academic excellence. Sevilla, in Southern Spain, is the capital of Andalusia and offers unique opportunities to explore Spanish culture, history, and architecture. You will fully experience Andalusian life by living with a Sevillan family. The wonderful on site staff will assist you in easing into your studies and life in Sevilla.

The program is administered at the Centro Internacional de Estudios Culturales (CINECU), part of the Estudios Universitarios y Superiores de Andalucia (EUSA). CINECU is located a short distance from the historical center of Sevilla in the modern facilities of EUSA, which include a computer lab equipped for internet access, a library, study/lounge areas, and sports facilities.

The UNC in Sevilla program is designed for various majors and different language levels. The semester program offers two separate programs with eligibility determined by the participant’s level of Spanish. The program is open to UNC and non-UNC students.

To participate in the UNC in Sevilla program, you need to have at least four semesters of Spanish and an overall GPA of 2.9.

UNC in Sevilla Programs

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Fall semester in Sevilla allows you to experience a variety of cultural events. You will arrive at the end of summer and leave at the beginning of winter. You will be able to visit the beach, go to professional soccer games and cultural festivals, and, finally, see the city transformed for the holidays. Events like these will help you make once-in-a-lifetime memories during your semester abroad in Seville!


Spring is a great time in Sevilla! As the weather gets warmer there is excitement and expectation in the air. Everyone is looking forward to two of the biggest events of the year, Semana Santa (Holy Week) and the Feria de Abril (April Fair). Studying in the spring gives you the opportunity to experience, firsthand, cultural events for which people travel from all over the world.


If you are a student who would like to study in Spain, but a semester or year does not seem possible due to on-campus commitments, consider the Summer in Sevilla program.

Full Year

Between program prerequisites and major requirements, it can be difficult to find the time these days to spend a year abroad. The fall and spring semesters each have their own flavor, and you can find specific details on the pages devoted to them.


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Student Life

All students in the UNC in Sevilla program live with a host family. Host families take care of laundry, cleaning, and other rooming concerns. Families are carefully chosen by CINECU staff. Most families house students for economic reasons but are warm and thoughtful people.

CINECU staff members interview all host families and personally visit their homes in order to ensure that the locations are safe for students and that all homes are in order.

CINECU staff is also available 24/7 to help students deal with any problems that may arise during your stay.

During your time in Sevilla, you will also have access to CINECU’s library and EUSA’s facilities, which includes a computer lab with high-speed internet access, free Wifi all over campus and free printing. There is also an on-site café where you can get a quick snack or recharge your batteries with a café con leche.

While living with a host family, all your meals will be prepared, unless previous arrangements are made. This allows you to personally experience the Spanish diet and eating schedule. Of course vegetarians and vegans will be accommodated.

However, be sure to communicate any dietary restrictions or requirements to CINECU’s staff as early as possible to ensure that your needs are met.

Activities and Trips

During your time in Sevilla, you will participate in the following site visits and trips that highlight different facets of Andalusia and its history.

Madrid and Segovia

Students will take a long weekend to explore the cities of Madrid and Segovia.  In Madrid, they will visit the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, museums that hold world renowned artistic masterpieces from Spain and other parts of Europe.   Students will also participate in walking tours in which they will see the city’s most famous neighborhoods, markets, plazas and cathedrals.  During their day trip to Segovia, they will go to the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja, in which they will observe the fascinating and intricate techniques of glass production. Students will also take a tour through Segovia’s historical center where they will learn about the impressive Roman aqueduct that has served as the city’s most important landmark for over 2,000 years.


Just 20 minutes outside of Sevilla, the Roman city of Itálica gave the Roman world two emperors: Trajan and Hadrian. These days, it is an area of well-preserved Roman ruins, which include the remains of dwellings and a large amphitheater. Students will walk inside the amphitheater on the same ground where gladiator competitions took place while spectators looked on from above.


There are several beautiful beaches along Spain’s southern coast that are a short drive away from Sevilla, and if the weather permits, we will spend an afternoon enjoying one of them.


Students will take a day trip to the city of Córdoba, where they will visit the city’s Jewish quarter, which includes a synagogue from the 14th century, and the Mezquita-Catedral, a unique building whose beautiful architecture and complex history illustrate the multicultural history of Andalusia.


We will take an overnight trip to visit this beautiful mountain city. Students will visit the city’s cathedral and Capilla Real, where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel are buried. There will also be a tour of La Alhambra, Spain’s most famous Moorish castle, and one of the most visited monuments in Spain.

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