Academic Information for UNC LSCS Spring

Program Overview

The Language, Society and Cultural Studies (LSCS) program is intended for students who have completed four semesters of college Spanish (SPAN 204) or the equivalent. In LSCS students will choose five of the ten courses offered. Subject areas include art, language, literature, history, and politics. Classes are taken with other LSCS students at CINECU. The program offers year, fall, or spring options. Year long students who begin in the LSCS program in the fall semester will move up to the Specialized Area Studies (SAS) program for the Spring semester.


Students will choose from classes offered in Spanish and in English. You will choose five classes from the classes listed below. You may choose up to two classes taught in English.

Below are the courses that may be offered for LSCS students. NOTE: Not all classes will be offered every semester.




Credit Information Section Sevilla Program UNC Study Abroad website

For information on general education and Spanish requirements, please refer to the Credit Information section of the Sevilla Program brochure found on the UNC Study Abroad website


Academic Info

Course Load
The maximum number of credit hours you may carry in any given semester is 18. The minimum number of credit hours per semester is 15.

Registration Deadlines
You will register for classes before arriving in Sevilla. You will be allowed to make changes to your schedule during the first week of classes.

Notes on Registration
As is true for registration at your home college or university, it is the responsibility of each student to make sure that (s)he has officially registered all course changes with the program.
Non-UNC students should be aware of their home institution’s policy regarding courses and credit hours.

Class Attendance
You are expected to attend classes on a regular basis, take all exams as scheduled by the professor, and turn in written work as required for the individual course. In no case will the UNC-CINECU staff come to your defense if you receive a low grade in a course due to your failure to attend class or to turn in written work.

You should also be aware that:

  • Traveling is an educational experience, but you are expected to schedule your traveling around your academic needs, not vice versa. If you are out of town and in the process miss an exam or fail to turn in written work, you will receive an “F” for that portion of your grade.
  • In order to receive credit for a course, you must be in Sevilla for the entire semester and take the final exam at the end of the course. If you decide to drop out of the program before the completion of a semester, you will receive no credit for courses that you began but did not finish.
  • If you miss a final exam due to illness or other legitimate reason, you are expected to reschedule the exam with the professor and remain in Sevilla until you complete the requirements for the course. It will not be possible to make up work in the U.S.
  • Under no circumstances will the final exam of any LSCS course be given before the official published exam schedule. Please do not ask.

All grades (notas, calificaciones) in courses will be based either on a number scale (1-10, 10 being the highest grade) or the words sobresaliente, notable, aprobado, suspenso. Students will need to receive a grade of 5 or aprobado in order to receive UNC transfer equivalency (TREQ) credit. Please refer to Credit Information Sheet on the UNC Study Abroad website for more information.
Please refer to Credit Information Sheet on the UNC Study Abroad website.

Calendars and Schedules

LSCS Spring 2018 Calendar

  • 10 January Spring Semester students arrive in Sevilla
  • 11-14 January Orientation
  • 15 January Spring Semester classes begin
  • 1-3 February Weekend Trip to Madrid and Segovia
  • 28 February Día de Andalucía- holiday
  • 2-4 March Weekend Trip to Córdoba and Granada
  • 25 March-1 April Easter Week (Semana Santa)-holiday
  • 15-21 April Seville Fair (Feria de Sevilla)-holiday
  • 1 May Labor Day (Día del Trabajo)-holiday
  • 4 May Last day of classes
  • 7-11 May Final Exams
  • 12 May Students depart Sevilla

Spring 2018. UNC in Sevilla-LSCS


Programa de Orientación

  • 10 January, Wednesday Arrival in Sevilla: Hotel Alcazar, Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo, 10.  Telef. 954 41 20 11
    20:00 Meeting and dinner
  • 11 January, Thursday 10:00 Move in with host family
    17:00-20:00 Orientation Meeting (EUSA): Housing, Safety, Health Insurance, Practical information
  • 12 January, Friday 10:00 LSCS Academic Meeting
  • 15 January, Monday First day of class

Excursiones y Visitas a Monumentos – Spring 2018

* Las siguientes visitas serán obligatorias para todos los alumnos:

  • Catedral de Sevilla Wednesday, 24 January at 15:05 (3:05 pm)
  • Antiquarium and Metropol Parasol (Las Setas) Saturday, 27 January at 11:00
  • Reales Alcázares de Sevilla Wednesday, 31 January at 15:30 (3:30 pm)
  • Trip to Madrid and Segovia 1-3 February
  • Trip to Córdoba y Granada 2-4 March

Optional Visits

  • Bodegas Góngora-Winery Friday, 23 de February at 12:00
  • Basilippo- Olive Oil Factory Friday, 16 de March at 13:oo