CINECU has been bringing students to Seville for nearly 20 years. We know and love this city. Whatever your interests are, we can help you get the most out of your time abroad.


Spanish culture is more than a thousand years old. In Seville, you can see just how real that past is, and how vibrant the present can be, as buildings and monuments from the Middle Ages and Renaissance stand next to the institutions of contemporary life.


Live with a Spanish family and enjoy the Spanish diet while exploring the sites and culture of one of Spain’s most important cities. Dedicate yourself to learning one of the world’s most-used languages in a place where it is dynamic and growing.

Why Choose Us

  • We provide an environment that helps you practice and improve your Spanish abilities as much as possible. In one of Spain’s most lively cities you live with a Spanish family while taking courses conducted entirely in Spanish. If you put in the effort, you see massive improvement in your ability to speak, write, and understand spoken Spanish.
  • Our programs and courses are limited to small sizes, so you will not just be another face in the crowd. You will receive individual attention from our staff and have the opportunity to build rapport with your professors.
  • Whether through Spanish conversation partners or volunteer work, we help you get to know Seville and involved in its community.
  • CINECU is part of a campus that brings together university programs from different disciplines and countries, and through those connections our students have access to opportunities that are unavailable through other programs.

What Students Say

I got to experience a world that was totally different from what I’m used to in the United States. Being able to travel around Europe was awesome because now I know that there is so much more of the world I need to see
I loved the city of Sevilla–it was big enough that there was always something going on yet small enough that it wasn’t overwhelming. Also it was a great environment to learn Spanish in because the people are very friendly and want to talk to you.
I feel it was an amazing experience, one of the best decisions of my life. Academically, I feel so much more comfortable using Spanish. I could definitely incorporate Spanish into my career. Personally, I feel more independent, confident and assertive. I really grew as a person. I learned how to be flexible and patient when dealing with people who are not like me. I learned decision making and problem solving skills. This program also opened my eyes to how people from other cultures see the world.
The best characteristic of my academic study abroad was living with a Spanish family. This forced me to constantly interact and think in Spanish, and I think was the number one contributing factor to my improving my Spanish and knowledge of Spanish culture.